With this simple spray you can pinpoint your ball-striking miss (and cure it!)

Are you having trouble making solid, consistent contact? Join the party. But now is finally the time to put an end to it. A club fitting or lesson with an instructor may be the best option, but there’s also a fantastic technique to hold yourself accountable on the practice range for when your swing guru isn’t available.

Strike Spray is here to help. This spray will help you figure out where on the clubface you’re making contact with the ball, which is vital to figuring out how to rectify those off-center strikes.

All you have to do is spray a small coat onto the club’s face, wait 10 seconds, then swing. Then you’ll be able to see a golf ball imprint on the face of the club and have a clearer picture of where you went wrong (and how far off it is). Even better, you can practice a few swings before reapplying, demonstrating the steadiness of your striking ability.

Original article posted on Golf.

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