Low Blows, Golden Gifts & More

WEEKLY BREAKDOWN: Low Blows, Ridiculous Swing Tips & Golden Gifts

The golf world was blowing up on social media over the last week. It seemed like everyone had an opinion to share. We saw a golf legend take some shots at a young pro who has surpassed his record. Someone triggered Tiger fans with an assessment of his ability to return to the spotlight. Plus, one of the most insane golf drills we have ever seen. Here’s what has been happening in golf…


Daly Throws Shade at Bryson

When asked about Bryson DeChambeau, the current leader in long drive distance, John Daly responded by claiming that he could have easily outdriven him in his heyday and that the balata ball, which was his go-to weapon in the 1990s, is no longer required now. The PGA Tour’s leading driver for the past few years, Bryson DeChambeau has averaged 320 yards off the tee on average, but we all know that he has a number of drives that have topped 400 yards on occasion.


This has to be the Craziest Golf Drill

Craziest Golf Drill of All Time

After watching a video of a golfer showing the weirdest golf practice ever recorded on social media, it’s safe to assume that we won’t be seeing Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy utilize this drill on the PGA Tour anytime soon. According to the video, which was posted on Instagram by the well-known @hackpatrol account, our amateur golfer is shown placing a range bucket over his head while another bucket controls his arm and chest movements.


Golf Analyst Trolls Tiger Woods Fans

Analyst Trolls Tiger Fans on Social Media

Tiger Woods has recently completed a successful return by winning the PNC Championship, following his survival of a catastrophic car incident in February. Woods came dangerously close to losing his right leg in the accident, and golf was nothing more than a fantasy for him at the moment. His performance in the 2021 PNC Championship, on the other hand, gave fans faith that he would return as the old Tiger. Everything, however, began to spiral downward when golf analyst Lou Stagner tweeted the evidence that supports the notion that Woods will never win another major championship.



Schauffele’s Golden Gift for Caddie

After winning the Olympic gold medal in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in August, Schauffele and his family, particularly his father, took turns wearing and flaunting the gold medal in a boss-like manner. Since caddies at the Olympics – with the exception of the flag ceremony at the age of 18 – do not receive any compensation for their services, Schauffele took it upon himself to recognize the contributions of caddie Kaiser, a former San Diego State University teammate who has been on his bag since Schauffele turned professional.


Berkshire Obliterates Ball Speed Record

Long Drive Champion Obliterates Ball Speed Record

Kyle Berkshire is well-known for being a pro when it comes to long distance driving. As it turns out, the golfer has set a new record in his quest for continuous growth by breaking a previous mark. His most recent attempt had a measured ball speed of 233.4 miles per hour, which was a world record. He has now outperformed every other person who has ever accomplished such a feat.


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