Unbelievable Putt leads to breach of rules

Unbelievable Putt Leads to Breach of Rules

In a recent viral video, we see an incredible shot that was not everyone could pull off. There’s only one problem, it is against the rules.
Here, the man sinks a putt that would be a challenge for most golfers. While the shot itself was very impressive, it could have cost him valuable strokes. The shot seems to be an incredible read. We see the golfer send the ball far left of the hole and straight towards his caddie waiting on the other side of the green. It’s pretty clear that his caddie is acting as a marker of sorts to assist the man in following the path he will need to take in order to make the shot.
In a match, such a move is not permitted without incurring a two-stroke penalty.
That move, under Rule 10.2b, is a breach of the rules. This particular rule, according to the R&A rule book, states: “While the stroke is being made, the caddie must not deliberately stand in a location on or close to the player’s line of play or do anything else (such as pointing out a spot or creating a shadow on the putting green) to point out the line of play.”

Check out the play below

While were aren’t sure if him and his buddies were keeping track of the rules, they were no doubt amazed by this shot. Had this been a real match, he would have been better off taking the two-putt rather than incurring the additional strokes. Still, we are quite impressed.

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