This “Swiss Army Knife” Golfing Tool That You Didn’t Know You Needed

While using a ball-mark repair tool or even a specialized ball mark isn’t required, it feels extra-luxe to use one made particularly for its sacred function rather than a dirty tee or spare coin.

And Birdicorn’s Divot Tool is the ideal accessory for golfers who value multitasking items. In this scenario, a single hardworking prong provides six useful benefits.

What’s so great about Birdicorn? It’s…

-A high-end divot repair tool

-A ballmark, as well as a spot to keep it

-An alignment guide stencil for drawing on your ball

-An open bottle

-A putting tool (through the alignment assist on the tool)

-A grip protector (to keep your clubs dry in damp situations, prop them in the tool’s slot)

How many different ways can we say it? Get yours right away!

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