This $29 Investment Ensures Worry-free Travel With Golf Clubs

Traveling with golf clubs has its advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost, it’s fantastic since it implies you’ll be playing golf somewhere. Playing a bucket-list course or going on a pals trip without your clubs is enough to ruin any round.

While you can’t walk below the plane to check on your clubs, you can track them, and there are equipment that can assist you do so better than following your own wayward drives with your eyes.

The Apple AirTag, while not exactly new, is a novel concept for most golfers. It’s quite straightforward. It’s a coin-sized Bluetooth tracker that you stick in your backpack and track using Apple’s Find My app. It will even tell you the exact distance between you and your clubs. This also works if your clubs are stolen, whether at the airport, from your trunk, or from your garage.

Some airlines have luggage monitors on their applications that notify you when your bags have been loaded aboard the plane and are at the carousel, but this feature doesn’t always work and isn’t available on every airline.

The finest part comes afterwards. You can get one of these tags for $29 (or four for $95), and the battery should last for over a year before you need to replace it. That’s what we call a wise investment in order to keep any worries at bay.

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