‘Spring Clean’ Your Golf Gear: 4 Easy Steps

As soon as April showers begin to lift, golf season has officially arrived.

Now is the perfect time to clear out your golf bag and see what’s needed to make this season the best yet. (Hope you remembered to throw out those sandwiches from last fall.)

After emptying the golf bag to the bare minimum, here’s how to properly reset the golf bag (and other gear) so it’ll last the rest of the year.

  1. Throw Away Crusty Golf Gloves and Remove Scuffed Golf Balls

We’re all guilty of it – keeping several golf gloves in our bag because we might need to change halfway through a round. When we think about why we change golf gloves so frequently, you’ll feel the urgency to replace them: sweat. Yes, months of sweat are why those golf gloves you refused to throw away at the end of last season are so stiff and stinky. Luckily, there are a few low-maintenance ways to extend your gloves’ lifetime once you buy a new edition.

Another easy-to-replace item is scuffed golf balls. They’re still in your golf bag for a reason – because you probably don’t like playing with them. There are plenty of affordable, durable golf balls that are great no matter where you are on the golf course. No need to save those scuffed golf balls for water shots anymore.

  1. Clean Your Golf Clubs (and Towels)

Hopefully you cleaned your golf clubs before putting them away for the season. If not, you may have some rust to work off!

Give your golf clubs a good scrub and you’ll be amazed at how sharp your grooves look. If you don’t see an improvement with some of your wedge grooves, it may be time to replace them. You’ll be amazed at how much control you have around the greens with a fresh set of wedges.

If you are meticulous about wiping down your golf clubs after each round, how’s that golf towel looking? Regularly washing the towel will not only keep your bag looking clean, but smelling fresh as well. There are plenty of golf accessories you can use to keep your golf clubs and bag clean – even your shoes!

  1. Check Your Golf Shoes’ Spikes

No matter if you’re a fan of spiked or spikeless golf shoes, it’s always important to check the status of your spikes before a new golf season.

For spiked shoes, the simple solution is to replace your spikes or buy a new pair. If your spikeless golf shoes are worn down, it’s probably time to go shopping.

If the sole of your golf shoes looks good to go, don’t forget to wipe the mud and grass off the tops so they look and feel brand new, just like your refreshed gear.

  1. Inspect Your Golf Bag

Now that you’ve cleared your golf bag, take a second to make sure it’s in good shape.

Lift your empty golf bag – does it still feel heavy? It might be time to look into a lightweight model, especially if you like to walk.

If there’s wear and tear, it’s probably time for an upgrade. There are plenty of golf bag options to choose from that align with any playing style.

Original article posted on SI.

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