Justin Timberlake Shows Off His Golf Skills

Justin Timberlake Shows Off His Golf Skills

It seems like there isn’t much that Justin Timberlake can’t do. He is most well-known for his music and movie credit, but he also isn’t a half bad golfer.

The pop star turned actor even owned his own golf course at one point. Back in 2009, Timberlake purchase Mirimichi Golf Course in Memphis. He put a ton of money into upgrading the property before eventually selling in 2014.

JT has golfed at some of the most famous courses in the world. Like that time when he casually hit a wooden 19th century club at St. Andrews.

We saw some of his golf skills on display again this summer during a celebrity charity golf event. The 2021 American Century Championship featured a ton of famous faces like Timberlake and Steph Curry. Timberlake finished out the tournament at T30, beating out other big names such as Patrick Mahomes II and Rob Riggle.

Recently, JT reminded us again just how good he is compared to the average Joe. He showed off by posting a video of him at Top Golf on Instagram. In the above clip, Timberlake effortlessly strikes ball after ball as we watch each sail off in the distance. We must admit, the man’s got game.

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