Golfer Meets Pack of Kangaroos

Golfer Confronted By Pack of Kangaroos on the Tee

Stepping up to the tee can be a nerve-racking experience. This is especially true when you have other golfers watching you hit. It can instantly feel as though all eyes are on you. Usually, all of this is just self-talk that clouds our focus.

But amateur golfer Wendy Powick had an external distraction as she went to tee off recently during a round at Arundel Hills Country Club, which sits near the Golf Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Powick was going through her pre-shot routine, lining up her drive when she witnessed a pack of kangaroos streaming down the fairway before stopping right on the edge of the tee box.

“They’ve come to watch me tee off,” Powick joked with a playing partner who was filming the incident.

It’s not the first time Powick has posted about kangaroos on the course, as seen below, but even she seemed caught off-guard by the way the group came toward her on this day.

After scurrying about, the kangaroos finally cleared so Powick could play through.

This article originally appeared on Golfweek.

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