DeChambeau throws out first pitch at White Sox game (not a bad one too)

After winning the 2020 U.S. Open, Bryson DeChambeau momentarily held the golfing world’s top spot and was undoubtedly one of the most well-liked athletes in the sport. But Bryson hasn’t been around that much lately.

That’s mostly because of two things: injuries that kept him out of action for extended periods of time, and his transition to LIV Golf earlier this year.

But last night, rather on a golf course, viewers were able to see him play live in the short grass on an MLB baseball field.

The Chicago White Sox asked DeChambeau to throw out the first pitch at their game against the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night since the LIV Golf Invitational competition in Chicago is scheduled for later this week.

For professional players in other sports, first pitches are perilous efforts. Although being a professional golfer in this instance has no influence on how excellent you are at throwing a baseball, particularly from a mound in front of a stadium full of spectators, expectations are quite high.

“I’m a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie, but I think I’ll do fine,” DeChambeau said during an interview prior to his pitch at Guaranteed Rate Field. “[White Sox mascot Southpaw] helped me warm up and I’m feeling solid now. I want to make sure I don’t throw anything out, I want to be playing golf this week.”

When it was his turn, DeChambeau sprinted up to the mound while waving to the fans while wearing black jeans, a black White Sox shirt, and a black cap. He then threw a high floater at first baseman Gavin Sheets of the White Sox, who had to step up to safely catch the high pitch. It was startlingly similar to the first pitch he delivered during a Yankees game in 2018.

Although Bryson’s throwing motion was a touch off and he by no means struck out a batter, his performance was admirable enough to escape humiliation or viral videos online. He even received some applause from the spectators.

To see DeChambeau’s pitch in its full, check below.

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