Bryson Called Out

Bryson Called Out Again for Not Yelling ‘Fore’

It looks like Bryson DeChambeau hasn’t learned his lesson. After some very public criticism for not yelling a warning after his errant shots, the golfer is at it again.
At the PGA Championship in May, Bryson angered spectators and fans after he hit his first tee shot into the gallery and didn’t yell ‘fore’ to alert unassuming onlookers. People weren’t just kind of mad…they were furious. Many took to Twitter to call out the long driver for his irresponsible behavior.

He then did it again at the US Open off the 4th tee at Torrey Pines in June. Again, golf fans turned to social media to express their disappointment in the golfer’s lack of etiquette and concern for the safety of others.

You would think that Bryson would have learned his lesson by now. While he is not the only pro to silently hit into a crowd, DeChambeau has started to build quite the reputation for himself. The golfer has had many controversies in the last few months. There his ongoing feud with Koepka, the flippant remarks toward his driver performance, and being forced to withdraw for the Olympics for a positive Covid test. The last thing he needs is to draw anymore negative attention to himself.
However, at last week’s WGC St. Jude Invitational Bryson was called out yet again, this time by a couple of European pros who witnessed another errant shot with no call to the unsuspecting crowd. Richard Bland, winner of the British Masters, called out DeChambeau on Twitter after watching the play.

Another European Tour pro, Edoardo Molinari also took to Twitter to criticize Bryson’s behavior.

When confronted with his refusal to call out ‘Fore’ at the British Open last month, the golfer seemed unapologetic and dismissed the comments on social media.
“I do shout fore,” he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are plenty of people on the tee box that do shout fore. You’re bringing up a very controversial thing, which is unfortunate, but 99 percent of the time I do, and unfortunately, people think I don’t.”
Although he continues to receive a ton of backlash regarding his failure to warn onlookers, it doesn’t look like he will be learning his lesson anytime soon.

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